Aquatic Decor

For all you fish lovers and owners out there, it’s time to liven your pets’ aquatic world!  Whether you have a simple, small fish bowl or have an intricate fish tank, your fish are probably waiting for you to revamp their homes with something fresh and exciting.  Many fish owners simply put boring aquarium sand or gravel with plants and coral that make their pets’ aquatic living spaces look like an underwater jungle.  The occasional tacky castle ornament doesn’t help the cause either.

The design of the fish tank/bowl can be another element of decoration that can liven your home, and not simply just a place for your pets to swim around in.  When decorating your fish tank/bowl, always keep in mind of your actual fish.  For instance, if you have clownfish in your aquarium, you can incorporate warmer colors such as red, yellow or orange.  If not complementary colors, think about contrasting colors.

Akasha Accents’ vast array of aquatic products from acrylic chunks to glass pebbles will surely liven your pets’ aquatic homes!  Our products have been tested and proven to be safe for all fish, whether it is a fresh or salt water tank.  Check out your local Pet Co or Wal-Mart for availability.