Holiday Candlescape

Candles not only provide atmospheric light and fragrance, they have become main decorative accessories in the home.  Scents are either highly elaborate – a combination of perfumes to create a harmonious blend or a focused, simple component.  Popular smells include those that evoke outdoor/fresh scents such as fresh cotton, pine, & the ocean.  Natural ingredients used in the wax and packaging are on the rise – soy & bee’s wax.  There is a push to keep candles paraben, silicon, & preservative free.

Since candles are becoming more essential in home décor, candlescaping has become increasingly featured.   Neutral-colored candles are displayed on/in bold-colored and shaped holders/plates.  Candles are often adorned with ‘candle jewelry’ – jeweled pins placed into the wax or strung jewels hung around the candle diameter.  There are many options to assist in anchoring the candle to the plate/holder, while providing a beautiful décorative accent to your candlescape.

Akasha Candlescape

To create your own candlescape for the Holidays, choose a neutral-colored pillar candle, a transparent glass candle plate, ruby or other jewel-toned glass pebbles, & faux botanical adornments.  Follow these simple steps….

  •  Sprinkle glass pebbles on the candle plate
  • Nestle the pillar candle into the glass pebbles, securing the base of the candle
  • Place the faux elements next to the base of the candle


Akasha Candlescape


You now have an on-trend inexpensive home décor accent to provide soft light and fragrance your room throughout the Holidays!