Red is My Everyday Color

Who just wants a Valentines Day? With today’s culture of instantaneous simulation and procrastination, flash holidays just add our overflowing work load and inboxes. why not treat Valentine’s day decorations as a transition from those winter months into the pastel colored spring? With a bit of creativity, you could optimize that V-Day palette of lovely red and pink hues to enhance spaces all over your home and emit that romantic feeling for a few months of the year without the rush and anxiety of tracking that next-day delivery package.

Move past the roses! More daring palette choices from designers are resulting in bold color options to create your home into a Valentines Day oasis. Remember, if it’s going to last for a few months, it has to be tasteful and subtle with a few conversation pieces thrown in there. Think about everything from the decorative vases in colored glass to floating candle installations with some glass gems to brighten up a kitchen, living room, or coffee table decor.

How to accentuate those red and pink M&M filled bowls and plates once the 14th has past and you can’t bear the perpetual temptation? Imagine sprinkling pink/red glass beads to accompany those beautiful heart shaped candles you wouldn’t use otherwise for another year? Or how about faux rose pedals to get your living room blossoming before it does it outside?

With all the options available, you can easily create lasting impressions and moments through creatively integrating a bit of Valentines spirit in your home that lasts longer than the roses.

valentines day red candle accents