Terrariums Are Great for Office Space

Terrariums are great for office space. Having indoor plants in the office do more than just prettiness. They also help to clean the air we breathe. Study show that having indoor plants in the office also help to reduce stress, improve happiness and job satisfaction.

It is very easy to install a terrarium yourself. You will need the plants, a glass vase and some decorative fillers like river rocks, sand and some accent objects.

Before you start, think of a theme for your terrarium. I thought it would be fun to create a summer beach theme terrarium.

Here are the materials I use:

  1. A garden dish. It can be purchased at any craft or grocery store.
  2. 3 small cactus or succulent plants. Try to choose plants that are different in shape, color and height to create visual interest.
  3. A small bag of white sand that can be purchased at most craft and grocery stores.
  4. A few sea shells as accent object(s) to complete the summer beach theme.

First, clean the glass dish and fill the dish half full with the white sand. Put the entire potted plant (plant and the pot) in the dish. Arrange them however you like. When satisfied with your design fill the remaining sand into the dish. Make sure to fill the sand all the way up to cover the rim of the plants.

Decorate with a few shells here and there. Place the terrarium next to a window or under the florescent light in your cubical. Water the plants once every 2 weeks or when the soil is dry to touch. Sit back and enjoy your creation.