Using River Rocks to Beautify your Garden

River rocks are an easy and affordable way to improve the look of your garden in every season. They can compliment nearly any planting scheme, can create natural looking barriers and can help to deter the growth of weeds. Akasha river rocks come in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes, giving you the versatility to beautify your outdoor spaces.

With spring coming soon, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about gardening projects. There are many imaginative ways to use river rocks in your garden beyond simply spreading them around plants. First, you can use Akasha river rocks, pebbles, and xl stones to create a barrier. This can be used to separate your garden from the lawn, paved areas, or even to divide areas of growth. For example, if you have a really aggressive plant, like raspberry bushes or invasive weeds, these natural barriers are a great way to keep them from taking over the rest of your garden! To create a barrier, begin by spraying the area with weed killer and be sure to remove any roots which may be hiding below the surface. Next, lay down a fine layer of mulch or fine gravel. Finally, lay down a thick layer of river rocks to finish your barrier.

If you have the space, be creative. With the wide variety of colors available you can create your own designs. They can be used to create patterns, spell words, or even layered to add depth. If you already know what’s going to be growing this coming spring, you can start thinking about what colors of river rocks will complement your blooms. The naturally dark hue of most roses looks great with high polished black river rocks, while the matte white river rocks will make for a bold contrast.

Not sure about what to do? Click here for more decorating ideas. Happy gardening!

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