design & manufacturing

AKASHA is committed to serving the unique design and manufacturing needs of our wholesale clients.

Attention to detail from concept to creation ensures our customers – retail chains, floral distributors, wedding planners, designers, and hospitality industry leaders – receive top quality, innovative products at the lowest prices.



The Design team at AKASHA studies the latest global trends with an eye towards new materials and fashion. 

AKASHA has been first-to-develop and first-to-market nearly every new trend in decorative accents  – from coated glass gems, sea glass and acrylic jewels, to crushed seashells, mini-décor stones and sands.

Working closely with our retail partners, AKASHA customizes every-day and seasonal assortments to fit brand objectives.  AKASHA matches themes and colorways to create exclusive designs and one-of-a-kind specialty mixes.



AKASHA’s manufacturing expertise and meticulous quality control ensures delivery of the highest quality products and packaging.

From concept to production, our Design team works with industry professionals to ensure superior quality at the lowest prices.