– Which retailers currently carry Akasha home decor accents?

Which retailers currently carry Akasha home decor accents?
Akasha sells over 650 products to 20+ retail partners in the craft, home décor, garden, and pet mass markets. Partners include – Big Lots, Jo-Ann, Michaels Craft Stores, Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bon Ton, Cost Plus World Market, Crate & Barrel, Kmart, Meijer, Party City, Pier 1 Imports, Pottery Barn, Ross, Tuesday Morning, West Elm, Lowe’s, Menard’s, and Petco.

Please note that some of our retail partners carry Akasha products under different brands. To find what stores are nearest to you, use our store finder or visit our in-store catalog to see what is available.

Can I use AkashaAccents.com to shop online?
No, our online store is not currently open. If you would like to be the first to know when it opens, sign up to our newsletter and we will notify you once it comes online.

What brands do you produce?
Besides our signature Akasha branded products, we also produce a wide range of private labeled products for our retail partners. This means that some of our retail partners carry our products but are packaged under a different label.

To know what package to look for when shopping at our retail partners, please check our product pages – each page displays where our products are available and what packages to look for.

If I don’t live near your retail partners, how can I purchase your product?
Akasha is a wholesaler of decorative filler material to mass market retailers only. Therefore, all product purchases must be made through one of our account retail partners. Please visit the home page of our website and select one of ‘Our Partners’. Once you click on that retail partner you will be directed to their store locator website. You may also be able to purchase product online through their website.

Do you sell wholesale to independent retailers? Can I purchase bulk material directly?
Because Akasha ships in large container quantities to our retail partners, we do not keep active stock in a domestic warehouse. Therefore, our business model is not set up to offer our products directly to independent retailers or individual consumers.

How do I use Akasha home decor accents?
Decorative fillers have increasingly become a highly recognizable, basic home décor accent and craft project component. Akasha’s specialty mixes and exclusive decorative filler materials can be used in home decoration, craft projects, waterscapes and other displays which require beauty, as well as function. Most popular uses include accents for – floral vase arrangements, candlescaping, table settings, potted plants, mosaics, fish bowl/aquariums, and centerpieces.

Can I request a catalog/sample?
We do not offer a catalog since we deal directly with the retailers we partner with. The retailers order exactly the material & quantity they desire from the product options we present to them. If you’re interested in seeing all of our available products, please visit our online catalog.

Are your products tested to ensure safety measures?
All Akasha products are tested to each industry standard. All of our products must pass the highest levels of inspection before landing on store shelves. In addition, 100% of our glass products are recyclable; 40%-70% recycled glass is mixed with fresh silica sand in the production of our glass gems, vases, and candleholders; 100% recycled glass is used in our most attractive items- including sea glass, fire pit glass, glass sands, and glass pebbles; many of our packages are PE and PET plastic bags and jars- fully recyclable, often re-useable- and made form partially recycled plastics.

Please note that the pet industry has specific test criteria for product carried in pet retailers. Not all Akasha product purchased in craft or home décor departments should be used in underwater installations as they are not meant for fish and underwater plants. We recommend that you only use Petco products for your fish tanks, aquariums, and ponds.