social responsibility

For 25 years, delivering high-quality home décor accents has gone hand-in-hand with AKASHA’s commitment to environmental sustainability, safe manufacturing and advancing social tolerance.

We do our best to limit our environmental impact:

  • The production of our glass gems, vases, and candleholders includes 40%-70% recycled glass.
  • 100% recycled glass is used in a wide range of products including sea glass, fire pit glass, glass sands, and glass pebbles.
  • Our packaing PE and PET plastic bags and jars are fully recyclable, re-useable and made form partially recycled plastics.

We generously support community activities that align social tolerance and human dignity with economic growth. 

If you have a local or regional initiative that you would like to promote using AKASHA products, please let us know how we may participate in supporting your success.

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