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AKASHA fills life with beauty in ways no other company has ever imagined!


With 25 years of history, AKASHA is the only US Company exclusively dedicated to the design and distribution of décor accents – a budding $2.4BN home décor niche within the $380BN combined industries of Floral, Candle, Craft, Wedding, Garden, Aquarium, and Hospitality.

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Since entering the décor accents market in 2001, Akasha has been first to market nearly every new product innovation, from mini glass gems to sea glass, river rock mixes to colored sands, as well as unique spheres, faux fruit, and myriad décor objects. A significant majority of our products are considered unique and are US Copyright Registered and protected designs of AKASHA®.

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Today, Akasha is the recognized US leader in the distribution of décor accents sold at leading retailers for placement in vases, candle plates, table top fountains, aquariums, potted plants, and centerpiece bowls for America’s 130 million households.

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We invite you to consider how to partner with Akasha to fulfill our Mission and Vision:

Our Mission is to be the world’s leading décor accents company.

Our Vision is to inspire people worldwide to fill life with beauty.

Please contact us for further information regarding Akasha’s current investment opportunities.